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The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaids' Duties: Before and On the Big Day

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honour that comes with important responsibilities.

From offering emotional support to helping with wedding planning tasks, bridesmaids

play a crucial role in making the bride's wedding day memorable. In this guide, we'll

explore the duties of bridesmaids both before and on the wedding day, as well as

highlight the special responsibilities of the maid of honour.

Download our Bridesmaids To-Do Checklist.

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Before the Wedding

1. Support the Bride: One of the primary roles of a bridesmaid is to provide

emotional support to the bride throughout the wedding planning process. This

includes being a good listener, offering encouragement, and helping to alleviate

any stress or anxiety the bride may be feeling.

2. Assist with Wedding Planning: Bridesmaids may be asked to assist with various

wedding planning tasks, such as addressing invitations, assembling wedding

favours, and helping to choose bridesmaid dresses.

3. Attend Pre-Wedding Events: Bridesmaids are typically expected to attend

pre-wedding events, such as bridal shower, hens party, and rehearsal dinner.

These events are opportunities to celebrate the bride and offer your support

leading up to the big day.

4. Help with Dress Shopping: Bridesmaids often accompany the bride to dress

fittings and offer their opinions on wedding attire. They may also help the bride

choose accessories and make decisions about hair and makeup.

5. Coordinate with Other Bridesmaids: It's important for bridesmaids to

communicate and coordinate with each other to ensure that everyone is on the

same page leading up to the wedding day. This includes discussing travel plans,

coordinating attire, and dividing responsibilities.

On the Wedding Day

1. Assist the Bride: On the day of the wedding, bridesmaids are there to assist the

bride in any way necessary. This may include helping her get dressed, holding

her bouquet, and ensuring that she has everything she needs throughout the


2. Be Present and Supportive: Bridesmaids should be present and attentive

throughout the wedding day, offering their support and assistance whenever

needed. This may involve helping to calm nerves, offering words of

encouragement, and ensuring that the bride feels relaxed and comfortable.

3. Participate in Pre-Ceremony Activities: Bridesmaids typically participate in

pre-ceremony activities such as hair and makeup appointments, getting dressed,

and taking pre-wedding photos with the bride.

4. Processional and Ceremony: During the ceremony, bridesmaids walk down the

aisle ahead of the bride and stand by her side during the ceremony. They may

also participate in other ceremonial duties, such as holding the bride's train or

presenting readings or speeches.

5. Reception Duties: At the reception, bridesmaids may be asked to participate in

traditional activities such as the bouquet toss, cake cutting, and making sure the

dance floor is alive the whole night. They should also be prepared to mingle with

guests, offer assistance as needed, and ensure that the bride is enjoying herself.

Maid of Honour Duties

In addition to the responsibilities outlined above, the maid of honour has some special

duties that set her apart from the other bridesmaids. These may include:

1. Primary Support: The maid of honour serves as the bride's primary source of

support and assistance throughout the wedding planning process and on the day

of the wedding.

2. Speech or Toast: The maid of honour is typically responsible for giving a speech

or toast at the reception, in which she shares heartfelt sentiments and

well-wishes for the newlyweds.

3. Bridal Party Liaison: The maid of honour acts as a liaison between the bride and

the rest of the bridal party, ensuring that everyone is informed and on schedule

leading up to the wedding day.

4. Organize Pre-Wedding Events: The maid of honour may be responsible for

organizing pre-wedding events such as the bridal shower and hens party, with

input and assistance from the other bridesmaids.

5. Attend to the Bride: On the day of the wedding, the maid of honour is there to

attend to the bride's needs, assist with any last-minute details, and provide

emotional support as she prepares to say "I do."

In conclusion, being a bridesmaid, and especially the maid of honour, is a special role

that comes with important duties and responsibilities. By offering support, assistance,

and love, bridesmaids play a key role in helping the bride create the wedding of her

dreams and ensuring that her big day is everything she imagined it would be.

Download our Bridesmaids To-Do Checklist

Download PDF • 310KB


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